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the life ...

the life ...

Life is often so subjective .. like the words ...
  Life can become more laegre even if one can be a exremo pessimistic.

   probably change my life, and much, maybe I got married the next summer, or perhaps not, it is strange and I am afraid to think, after all I only have 22 years.
   I get curious and yet afraid to take that big step ...

also because, LEFT my country, if it limits itself, being away from my parents and most of my friends.

   I am concerned about this step that I always refused ...
would also leave my studies for teachers of English and begin the project of forming a family.

Both want to have twins,or maybe triplets , who knows how much even for that, (I hope maybe two years more XD)

I am sorry to write this xD


Aug. 14th, 2009 05:48 pm (UTC)
Life is too ambiguous...
¿Marry? It is a great change! But if it's for good, what warrants. If it makes you happy, it's worth ;D

Don´t burdened with the future. Enjoy the day to day.

Goog Luck!
Take care of you =*